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KMH Associates is a multi-disciplinary team of senior consultants who bring decades of experience in helping organizations identify growth strategies and build organizational capacity to win in the marketplace

Kathleen Holland

Kathleen Holland, Founding Partner
Triple Bottom Line Champion


After 15 years of senior sales, marketing and customer service experience at major corporations, Kathleen began consulting and brought her expertise to Africa working with SME’s to help strengthen their export businesses. Kathleen was inspired by their natural consideration of “People, Planet, Profit” in running their businesses – it is just part of their “dna”. This purposeful strategic approach inspired Kathleen to build the triple bottom line into the KMH Associates practice to deliver sustainable growth solutions.


Thinking outside the box and tackling tough business challenges is Kathleen’s passion. She has lead revolutionary initiatives throughout her career including; the launch of ScotTowel Ultra during the time of Bounty’s introduction into Canada – won the Canadian Grand Prix new product award for its launch transformed the grocery deli section with the launch of premium products and a new profitable merchandising and pricing strategy led the development of an African multi-country initiative; Design Africa which has garnered worldwide recognition as an innovative global brand showcasing Africa’s best talent in the craft, textile and furniture sector

Katherine Magee

Katherine Magee, Sustainability Champion


With nearly 20 years of executive-level marketing & communications experience, Katherine is passionate about helping organizations turn ideas into reality – particularly when it relates to implementing a “greener” vision with environmentally sustainable initiatives.


Katherine launched www.greenopolis.ca in early 2007, helping thousands of Canadians to “live a greener life”, before rolling the website into a larger global initiative. She currently works with major Canadian consumer packaged goods companies on how to develop and best position environmental sustainability relating to their products and services. Katherine is also a member of the Program Advisory Committee for Seneca’s Green Business Management program.

Alice Paquette

Alice Paquette, Insight – Foresight Expert


Grounded in over 20 years of consumer insight and strategic business-building experience, Alice is passionate about turning information and insights into breakthrough ideas and practical solutions for growth. Her depth of understanding of the market and customer inspires her to deliver winning solutions for our clients.


A strong collaborator, Alice is known to drive for results.

  • Successfully led strategic planning process for large food manufacturer and identified consumer needs-based growth opportunities resulting in launch of 2 new brands and 7 new products
  • Used insights framework to re-brand Canada’s leading bathroom tissue and paper towel brands
  • Developed precision targeting tool to scope relevant white space expansion for Canada’s leading chilled juice trade marks
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Kathleen Holland on the Triple Bottom Line.

Kathleen Holland, Founding Partner, speaks to Bamboo Magazine about the triple bottom line and being inspired by Africa click here to view the video

Sheila Freemantle from TintsabaSheila was a client of KMH Associates for the last 4 years and a beloved friend to Kathleen Holland. She was a true social entrepreneur managing a triple bottom line business. Her legacy will live on in Africa for years to come. Thanks Sheila for your continued words of wisdom. click here to view the video interview with Sheila.

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