Triple Bottom Line

With the traditional business landscape rapidly changing, many Fortune 500 companies have realized the need to strategically reinvent and re-organize themselves around both a performance agenda as well as a purpose agenda. We believe that successful organizations of the future will design themselves to not only be financially profitable but also socially beneficial and environmentally sustainable – in other words, implement a triple bottom line approach to management.

triple bottom line

Value creation is a fundamental goal for every organization; increasingly, senior executives are realizing that adopting a triple bottom line approach – focusing on Profit, People and Planet – makes good business sense. By integrating this approach into the strategic planning process and cascading it through the organization, there are many tangible benefits:

  • Increased ROI through operational efficiencies
  • Access to new markets and capital
  • Attraction and retention of top talent
  • Reduced risk
  • Enhanced corporate reputation

At KMH we recognize that performance and purpose are not separate and we pride ourselves in helping organizations discover, build and execute plans that drive purposeful performance and achieve sustainable growth.

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Kathleen Holland on the Triple Bottom Line.

Kathleen Holland, Founding Partner, speaks to Bamboo Magazine about the triple bottom line and being inspired by Africa click here to view the video

Sheila Freemantle from TintsabaSheila was a client of KMH Associates for the last 4 years and a beloved friend to Kathleen Holland. She was a true social entrepreneur managing a triple bottom line business. Her legacy will live on in Africa for years to come. Thanks Sheila for your continued words of wisdom. click here to view the video interview with Sheila.

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