An organization’s key asset is its relationships with people, and positive relationships are critical to its ongoing success. It is important that your people’s efforts are strongly aligned with your long-term vision and that you are focused on ongoing capacity development strategies. However, relationships with people extend beyond your organization’s walls – all your key stakeholder relationships need to be nurtured for your long-term sustainable growth.

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When an organization adopts a triple bottom line approach to their strategic planning, all aspects of its human resources – both internal and external – are greatly enhanced. Some of the immediate tangible benefits include:

  • Enhanced corporate reputation and practices attracts and retains top talent
  • Alignment of corporate vision with goals and objectives improves productivity
  • Clarity in approach to supply chain relationships towards achieving common goals for increased efficiency and improved sustainability

We are committed to helping organizations identify, align and implement internal and external People strategies that will benefit everyone involved with the organization over the long-term.

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Kathleen Holland on the Triple Bottom Line.

Kathleen Holland, Founding Partner, speaks to Bamboo Magazine about the triple bottom line and being inspired by Africa click here to view the video

Sheila Freemantle from TintsabaSheila was a client of KMH Associates for the last 4 years and a beloved friend to Kathleen Holland. She was a true social entrepreneur managing a triple bottom line business. Her legacy will live on in Africa for years to come. Thanks Sheila for your continued words of wisdom. click here to view the video interview with Sheila.

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