Your organization’s approach to sustainability can be defined in many different ways, each with its challenges and opportunities – operational efficiencies, employee engagement, innovation, corporate social responsibility, market differentiation, access to capital, legal and regulatory compliance.

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A triple bottom line approach means incorporating awareness and concern for the impact an organization has on the Planet into the strategic planning process. For many organizations that rely on ready access to capital and supplies, new market opportunities and innovation for long-term growth, a healthy planet means a sustainable business model. By including the Planet in your strategic planning process, your organization can benefit from:

  • Increased operational efficiencies with reduced manufacturing expenses and better supply chain management
  • Improved risk management in the face of changing regulatory requirements
  • Better market differentiation for your products and services
  • Enhanced corporate reputation

With a focus on sustainability and alignment of corporate strategies with social responsibility activities, your organization can cover risk and capitalize on new possibilities for successful long-term growth.

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Kathleen Holland on the Triple Bottom Line.

Kathleen Holland, Founding Partner, speaks to Bamboo Magazine about the triple bottom line and being inspired by Africa click here to view the video

Sheila Freemantle from TintsabaSheila was a client of KMH Associates for the last 4 years and a beloved friend to Kathleen Holland. She was a true social entrepreneur managing a triple bottom line business. Her legacy will live on in Africa for years to come. Thanks Sheila for your continued words of wisdom. click here to view the video interview with Sheila.

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